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Windows Phone 8.1 Hacked – How to ?

Windows Phone 8.1 Hacked - How to ?

Want to hack Nokia Lumia phone running the latest mobile OS Windows 8.1 ? Hackers have made it very easy for you to hack. Few weeks ago Microsoft Inc. announced that a 19 year old very critical security loophole existed in almost all version of its Windows operating system, XDA-developers have discovered a new bug in Microsoft’s latest Mobile OS Windows 8.1 which could be exploited by hackers easily to hack a Nokia Lumia phone.

XDA Developer name DJAmol has found a wide open security loophole in Microsoft OS Windows Phone 8.1 which makes the operating system very easy to exploit. The bug allows hacker to run his application with other user’s privileges and edit the registry file.

DJAmol founded that by simply replacing the contents of a trusted OEM app that has been transferred to the SD card, the app will inherit the privileges of the original app. Once this is done, an hacker can delete the existing directory and create a new directory with the same name as the original App is.

As a result, the third party registry editor app will gain full access to the Information and Settings in the app itself. This is how the hack can be implement in a few simple steps prescribed by XDA-developers in a blog post.

  • Develop your own application package and deploy it on the target device.
  • Install an any application such as “Glance Background Beta” from the Window Phone app Store.
  • Delete all folders under the targeted directory of the installed app, in this case, Glance background.
  • Now copy the contents of your own deployed package and paste it on the targeted directory. This implies replacing the “Program Files” of the installed app with your package
  • Finally launch the App which will run in OEM (Glance Background beta) directory using the privileges of the targeted App.

The hack is actually very simple and easy to implement because all it needs an application from the Window app store. But, the hack has not yet escalated to a full interop unlock, as the applications which are allowed to be moved to the SD card have very limited access.

XDA developers forum reported the bug to the Microsoft Security team and also warned them that this loophole could give higher privileges to the attackers if tried using a First Party Application, rather using a third party app.

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