Windows 10 Preview Has A Keylogger to Collect Data

Windows 10 Preview Has A Keylogger to Collect Data

Technology Gaint Microsoft could be giving its member Windows Insider Programme for Operating System Windows 10 more attention than they might like. This programme gives users access to a Technical Preview edition of its newly upcoming operating system Microsoft Windows 10 that Microsoft Inc announced on Tuesday.

“Inside Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program users will get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they’re available. In return what we want to know is that what you think. You’ll get an simple to use application to send us your feedback, as it will help us along the way.” Microsoft privacy policy reads.

Well, how many of computer users actually read the full “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” docs before downloading the Preview release of Windows 10 Operating System ? None of you right ?, because most of the computer users ignores that lengthy paragraphs and simply click “I Agree” and finally “next” button. Do you really know what permissions you have granted to Microsoft Inc by installing Free OS Windows 10 Technical Preview edition?

Data Collected by Microsoft

If you are not aware of Microsoft’s privacy policy, then you should pay a little attention to what their privacy policy says. The Technology gaint collects lots of information about you, devices you use, the applications and networks, and your use of those devices, apps and networks. Examples of data which they collect includes your name, your email address, preferences and your interests, browsing info, search and file history, most important your phone call and SMS data, device configuration and sensor data also the app usage.

The Company also says  : “We may collect information about your device and apps and use it for determining or improving the compatibility” and “use voice input features like speech-to-text, we may also collect voice information and use it for purposes such as improving speech processing.”

Essentially by accepting the Microsoft Windows 10 privacy policy you are actually allowing Microsoft to screen your files and log your keystrokes. Which means, if you a file and type in it, Microsoft have access to what you are typing, and the file information within.

Not just this, Company says we may collect even more data. The company will be watching your applications for better compatibility, and collect voice data when you use speech to text. This collected information will be used to improve speech processing.

However, it is very clear  that they are not going to use that data to access users’ bank accounts but the fact is that the Microsoft is collecting data by all means, it can be possibly open a way for someone to steal and misuse the important information for their own purpose.

Although the feedback is being collected in the Windows Technical Preview will only occur within the Technical Preview period, as reported by WinBeta. Once Microsoft Windows 10 launches to the public, the data which Microsoft collects will be removed from the operating system.

Download Microsoft Windows 10 :

If you still want to test it out, you can surely Download Windows 10 Preview Edition Here.

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