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The Snappening: George Sampson’s Intimate Photos Leaked


Britain’s Got Talent winner & Waterloo Road actor George Sampson has become the latest victim of the ‘The Snappening’.

It is believed that the intimate pictures of 21 years old dancer George Sampson have allegedly leaked online as a part of ‘the Snappening’ hack incident in which third party app of snapchat was  hacked.

Matt Smith, David McIntosh and wrestling offspring Nick Hogan and now Sampson is the fourth male celeb who have become a victim of the private photo leak.

It was also reported that a database of 13.6 GB containing private  photos of innocent Snapchat users was leaked, which has been taken down. However, many people still continued to share the private photos on reddit.

Snapchat said in a statement that the database leak was not its fault and blamed third party apps for the scandal. Third party app, a app which allows users to save images shared by Snapchat users which normally disappear after being seen also admitted the database breach.

Recently over then 100 celebrities became the victim of a iCloud hacking and the incident was named as ‘The Fappening‘ by 4chan users. Actress Jennifer Lawrence has became the first victim of the leak in August when lots of private images of her were leaked on 4Chan.

Private photos of  Celebs including Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne,  Kirsten Dunst and Ariana Grande were also exposed.

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