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Sony Kept Thousands of Passwords in a Folder Named “Password”

Sony Kept Thousands of Passwords in a Folder Named "Password"

Cyber Criminals leaked more Sony documents last Wednesday afternoon, and thousands of “clearly named” computer, financial, and social media usernames and passwords were exposed, as reported.

The leaked Sony passwords were included in a folder names “Password.” The folder contains 139 Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, zip files, and lots PDFs containing thousands of usernames & passwords to Sony Pictures’ internal computers, social media accounts, and web services accounts.

Sony Kept Thousands of Passwords in a Folder Named "Password"

Most of the files are named with titles like “password list.xls” or “YouTube login passwords.xlsx,”.

Along with passwords for the social media accounts of Sony movies like “The Social Network,” the passwords of Sony’s corporate and research services, passwords of servers and data services, Sony’s story department’s passwords for Amazon and FedEx, and even personal passwords for places like Google and American Express that apparently were not related to Sony’s corporate side.

BuzzFeed News founded that most of the passwords were “simple combinations of obvious nouns and numbers.”  Last week Four of Sony’s upcoming movies were leaked by the cyber criminals, and a cyber attack shut down Sony’s entire computer network.

A microsoft spreadsheet that listed Sony’s 17 highest-paid executives and their annual salaries was also leaked. Leaked documents revealed Hannah Minghella, co-president of production at Sony’s Columbia Pictures division, makes $800,000 less per year than her male counterpart, Columbia Pictures co-president of production Michael De Luca.

The FBI has launched an investigation on the hacking attack case with support of Sony’s Team.

“The FBI is working with our interagency partners to investigate the recently reported cyber-intrusion at Sony Pictures Entertainment,” the FBI said in an emailed statement to Variety. “The targeting of public and private sector computer networks remains a significant threat, and the FBI will continue to identify, pursue and defeat individuals and groups who pose a threat in cyberspace.”

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