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#OpHK: Anonymous Hacked Chinese Government sites

#OpHK: Anonymous Hacked Chinese Government sites

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous hackers have declared  “Operation Hong Kong” against the Hong Kong’s governing state apparatus recently in support of democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The hacktivist group has hacked some high profile Chinese government websites and leaked hundreds of email address, passwords, IP addresses and phone numbers.

The main servers which were targeted belong to a job search portal and Ningbo Free Trade Zone in Zhejiang province.

Anonymous said in a statement ,”We have effectively hacked and shutdown Chinese government websites and supporters of them. Some  Chinese and Hong Kong government domains and networks have already acquired American services for their domains. Such actions prove that our attacks cannot be handled by them, and they must turn to U.S. based.

Anonymous has claimed to leak around 42,419 email address and passwords from Changxing County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau In one of the tweet.

Hong Kong Police has already arrested some Anonymous hackers for targeting Chinese government sites. Anonymous on their social networking site twitter has protested against the arrests and vowed to support pro-democracy protests in the China. Currently it is not sure if the data is 100% authentic or not.

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