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Microsoft Killing its controversial Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Password Sharing Feature

windows 10 wifi sense remove

Tech gaint Microsoft is finally removing part of its controversial flop idea of Windows 10 WiFi Sense feature from Microsoft Windows 10. Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says, “We have removed the Wi-Fi Sense feature that allows you to share Wi-Fi networks with your contacts and to be automatically connected to networks shared by your contacts, the cost of updating the code to keep this feature working combined with low usage and low demand made this not worth further investment.”

Windows 10 WiFi Sense was actually introduced for Windows Smart Phone and then included in Windows 10. Wi-Fi Sense is that automatically connects to open hotspots and share your Wi-Fi password with networks saved to your PC and would be seamlessly shared with your friends on Skype, Facebook, and your contacts. The feature did not work with enterprise machines or with select workplace Wi-Fi network types. Wi-Fi Sense’s password sharing feature created concern and anxiety among people who didn’t understand it wasn’t sharing all Wi-Fi passwords by default, but Microsoft has clearly received enough data and feedback to show that it’s not widely used.

It’s not clear when Windows 10 WiFi Sense feature will be removed from Windows 10, but assuming, this will happen when Microsoft delivers the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is expected to be released to existing users in late July.

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