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Kmart Stores Hit by Malware, Credit Card Data Exposed

Kmart Stores Hit by Malware, Credit Card Data Exposed

American company Kmart’s customer credit card & debit cards numbers were exposed after cyber criminals used malware to infiltrate the company’s payment system.

Sears Holding Co. who owns Kmart, said Friday the data breach began in early September and involved “Malware” that current anti-virus systems couldn’t detect. The company says the data breach was detected by the security team and removed the malware from the system.

The company is working along with cyber security experts & federal authorities to investigate into the matter. Based on the cyber forensic investigation to date, no debit card PIN numbers, no personal information, no email addresses and no social security numbers were breached.

Riefs said that cyber forensics investigators are still trying to determine who was responsible for the data breach.

Company said that consumers should carefully monitor and review their debit and credit card statements. Kmart is now encouraging the consumers who shopped at its stores during September and early October to reach out to credit card company if they notice any unauthorized charges. Kmart is offering credit card monitoring protection to its affected costumers.

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