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Indian Air Force Officials warns against using Xiaomi Devices

Indian Air Force Officials warns against using Xiaomi Devices

The Indian Air Force  has issued a warning to its officers and their families against using Xiaomi smartphones & Tablets.

According to a report, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has issued a warning to its officers and their families to avoid using Xiaomi smartphones, citing security concerns. The IAF suggests that Xiaomi smartphones & Tablets sends data to  a remote servers in china managed by an agency which reports to the ministry of information industry in China.

There have been some privacy and security concerns around Xiaomi devices in the past but now (IAF)  Indian Air Force is warning against using the devices which is manufactured by the Chinese companies.

Xiaomi Devices Sent back data to china

The security advisory has been issued on the basis of information obtained from the Indian CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), which confirmed that Xiaomi devices send back data to remote servers in China.

Currently it is not clear if the Indian CERT had obtained the information from own internal testing or from a third-party reports. Few weeks ago it was claimed that Xiaomi devices were sending data back to Chinese remote servers without user permission. In a statement Xiaomi said that as part of its cloud services, the smartphone might have been sending some data to its computing centres in China.

Recently the same phone manufacturer Xiaomi has been accused for the same activity in Taiwan, and the Taiwan government is investigating on concerns that Xiaomi device is a cyber security threat and said that they will make a decision within three months.

Earlier, a leading security solution company F-Secure claimed that in a test carried out on Xiaomi Redmi 1S, the company’s budget smartphone, was sending back data to remote servers and found that the phone was forwarding the carrier name, phone number and IMEI (the device identifier) number plus phone numbers from address book and text messages back to Beijing.

The IAF in its advisory mentioned many cases of Xiaomi phones and tablets sending back data to remote servers in China. It praise a Hong Kong based user who claimed that the Xiaomi Redmi Note phone was automatically connecting to the remote servers in China and sending back photos, and text messages.

Recently Doctorate General of Military operations of the Indian army had issued a similar warning for a Chinese mobile app. The Indian army reportedly claimed that the location sharing feature in the mobile app was fraudulently transmitting location to China.

We have reached out to the Xiaomi for a comment, but haven’t received any reply at the time of writing the post. We will update the post as soon as we hear from the company.

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