Defacements hacked by LizardSquad Hackers Group hacked by LizardSquad Hackers Group

One of the biggest Mobile information Portal hacked by LizardSquad. GSMArena is one of the biggest GSM Information portal.

Popular technology and mobile portal GSMArena has been hacked & defaced by notorious hackers group Lizardsquad. When users visit GSMArena’s official website the page redirects to which shows defaced page.  The website is currently down and not much details regarding the nature of hacking attack has been known as of now.

Screenshot of defacement: hacked by LizardSquad - The Hacking News

GSMArena was established in year 2009 and it is a great source of GSM & Mobile information, leaks, latest mobile reviews and news regarding technology, gadgets and mobile phone for the their wide readers from all over the world.

Lizard Squad Hackers has not been identified. They claim to be a small group of notorious hackers. What is interesting about the hackers group Lizard Squad is if you look at the typical bad actors that perform DDoS hacking attacks, they seem to fall somewhere in between a hacktivist group and a set of gamers who are looking for notoriety.

So usually when we see people attacking sites with DDoS attacks there are four primary personas. One is an individual or small group looking for fame. The second one is hacktivists groups like anonymous that are also well known and have had some kind of cause. Then there are competitors, who are trying to take down a rival site. Then there are many cyber criminals looking to extort money in gaming sites in exchange for not launching an attack.

LizardSquad is a same Notorious hackers group who managed to Launch cyberattacks against popular gaming servers and high profile websites, then brag about it online.

Lizard Squad created its Twitter account in 2011, but didn’t begin actively using it until Aug. 18. In less than two weeks, the notorious hackers group managed to attack PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, fantasy multiplayer “RuneScape”, multiplayer battle game “League of Legends” and streaming platform Twitch.

The once-active Twitter account of the outspoken group of Lizard Squad hackers has grown silent, less than a week after it tweeted a bomb threat to an American Airlines flight with Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley onboard.

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