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Google to Demote Piracy Sites with New Search Algorithm

Google to Demote Piracy Sites with New Search Algorithm

Search engine giant Google has rolled out it new Search Algorithm to demote the websites with pirated content by downgrading their search rankings.

The new search algorithm will not only downgrade the search rank of those sites, but also remove the auto complete suggestions of the pirated sites.

Tech Gaint has explained that they will only downgrade the rank of the websites who has received a large number of DMCA notifications. DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a United States Copyright law to control the digital management rights. Google will fight copyright infringement and assure the copyright rights holders that their content will appear at the top of search results and search made up only a small part of pirated traffic.

The report also shows that YouTube paid out $1 billion to copyright holders in a program that allows them to monetize unauthorized use of their copyrighted material uploaded to the video sharing site.

This move is actually an update of its search algorithm, originally rolled out in 2012. But The latest search algorithm will be more stricter with the content specific search results. Google also reported that they will make sure not to promote any pirated content & website while taking any advertisement.

“We’ve now refined the signal in ways we expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites,” said Katherine Oyama, senior copyright policy counsel at Google.

Ads served based on piracy-related search terms

Google will also add new advertisement slots on its returns to promote the legal content providers like Beats music, Google Play or Spotify. A Google search for any artist will show all the results along with some buying or listening advertisements on the right pane.

Google’s new ad formats have been designed to redirect users to legitimate sources whenever they search for things like “download”, “free” or “watch” alongside music and movie-related search queries. Google have been testing how to provide genuine results when searched by token words like ‘free’, ‘download’ or ‘torrent’.

224 million DMCA requests in 2013

According to the Google report “How Google Fights Piracy” Google handled millions of Digital Millennium Copyright Act requests each year, more than 224 million in 2013 from copyright holders asking Google to remove pirated websites from its search results.

“We ultimately removed 222M, which means we rejected or reinstated less than one percent after review because we either needed additional information, were unable to find the page, or concluded that the material was not infringing,” the report said.

Currently, the new search algorithm has only been rolled out to the US only, will be soon applied to all countries. Recently Google has announced a collaboration with Paramount Pictures to promote their upcoming film “Interstellar” through an interactive website.

How Google Fights Piracy :

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1 Comment

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