Forecast Advertising Hacked by Opoja Technology Hackers Group

Forecast Advertising Hacked by Opoja Technology Hackers Group

Mumbai based advertising & designing company Forecast Advertising official website Hacked by unknow notorious hackers group Opoja Technology Hackers.

The company Forecast Advertising is Mumbai based full service advertising company which offers services such as Web Designing, Advertising, Media Planning, Media Buying etc.

Only the homepage of the website is defaced by the notorious hackers group. Anatomy of attack is unkonwn as Forecast Advertising official website was html based website. Website has not recovered yet at the time of writing.

Website Link :

Facebook :

The defaced page contains a message can be seen on the screenshot attached below :

Forecast Advertising Hacked by Opoja Technology Hackers Group

The notorious hackers group Opoja Technology Hackers which hacked the Forecast Advertising official website doesn’t seems to be popular group and had never seen in News before.

From the last few years Cyber crime in Mumbai is increasing at very high rate & most of the cases are not reported. Former director of the state forensic science laboratory Dr Rukmini Krishnamurthy said that the increase in cyber crimes should not be surprising. “At least two cases go unreported for every case that comes out. Most often, corporate cyber crime goes unreported as it involves clientele values and reputation. There is no proper set-up in forensic analyzing cyber offence.” The chairperson of a firm that provides digital, cyber and other forensic services, Krishnamurthy said the growing dependence on technology made access to private data easier.

Recently a news published in Indian newspaper Times of India, according to report Mumbai sees 170% jump in cyber crimes over 4 yrs. The city has recorded over 346 cyber crime cases in the past four years, but conviction has remained zero till now.

According to the 2013 data, cyber crimes here jumped nearly about 26%, recording 132 cases that year, while the previous year figure was 105. Compared to reported cases in 2010, the rise in 2013 was 169%, as only 49 incidents were reported that year.

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