Apple Technology to Remotely Disable iPhone Cameras

Apple Technology to Remotely Disable iPhone Cameras

Apple has been granted a patent for new technology which lets Apple to disable Iphone Cameras by infrared sensors that would prevent consumers from clicking pictures and taking videos with iPhone or iPad at events, like concerts or museums, where it might be prohibited by the organizers. Well hope this is something you don’t like at all but seems logical enough for events & concerts.

The highly technical patent was granted by United States Patents and Trademark Office on Tuesday. In such situation, concert organizers will be able to use the Apple’s unique technology to make sure no one shoots videos of. The same technology could also be used to beam information to lot of people’s Iphone’s at the same time when they’re in the same location like providing guide for a museum exhibit, or offering coupons in a store or retail outlet.

According to Apple’s latest patent technology, iPhone or iPad camera receiving coded infrared signals beamed from emitters in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited,  would temporarily disable Iphone’s or Ipad’s camera preventing any video records or photograph.

An infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited,” reads the patent. “An electronic device can then receive the infrared signals, decode the data and temporarily disable the device’s recording function based on the command.

Filming of concerts is very obvious thing which is not just annoying for musicians who usually ask their fans to switch off their devices at concerts but most people ignore and keep filming ans snapping throughout the event.

Then company claims that with this technology company wants to help singers, artists  and actors to prevent illegal photos or streams from getting uploaded online or on YouTube. Also, it would be helpful for Government officials to rectrict anyone taking photos at a port of entry or a border areas.

System and methods for receiving infrared data with camera designed to detect images based on visible light’, the patent was first filed in September 2014. Apple first filed for this patent was 7 years ago, but the freedom of expression advocates were concerned about the technology that if the manufacturer creates a way for 3rd parties to control when certain iPhone features work, then it can also control by who has access to that technology?

The same technology can be used by Government or police to limit smartphone filming of acts of brutality or protests. Well you can imagine how a government like North Korea or China will this technology to blackout social media coverage of the protests if they get access to this technology.

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