4 Key Matrices to Determine the Efficiency of a Digital Marketing Agency

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So, you have decided to embark on a digital marketing journey and now you want to weigh different choices available to get you the desired results. You are little unsure as what traits should you look for in an ideal digital marketing agency and how you can actually know their mettle beforehand?

Here we have compiled some must-have qualities of a digital marketing agency that reflects its true virtue and worth, while they can also be used as a matrix to weigh their expertise. So continue to read on to know all about choosing the right agency.


The first and foremost matrix to judge the efficiency and worth of an agency is to have a look at their working model. If the agency seems to be concerned with sharing their working methods and techniques which they are going to implement to boost your online presence – simple leave. Remember, an ethical digital marketing agency will be more than pleased to share with you their working models and strategy without mystifying any process. They need to have an open book policy where they are willing to inform and educate clients about each and every important element of marketing strategy.

– They should be confident about their procedures and techniques

What value can a digital marketing agency bring to your business if they are themselves unsure about the efficiency of their strategic model? An ideally suited marketing firm comes with a robust and extensive experience with a winning strategy that they are confident about.

Remember, digital marketing is a completely quantified process and gives detailed access to numbers achieved with each element. Thereby, an experienced and confident agency should be confident to produce numbers and quantified reports that gives a detail insights into the ROIs from their strategy.

– A trustworthy business model

When an agency informs you of the importance and value of keeping an updated onsite blog post, they should practice it themselves. The catch here is to make sure the agency you are looking to decide upon is worthy of your trust. This can be accomplished by looking at their online activities across different marketing channels. You can have a detailed look into the website of an agency, as well as, look out for social media presence and activity. This will help you in predicting the worthiness of the agency by comparing it within their own set of matrices.

– Holistic Approach

Digital marketing is a complete suite of marketing techniques; each with its own benefits and KPIs. For an effective marketing campaign, a holistic approach across all platforms and channels is important for all businesses. Thereby, if a digital agency stress on the importance of one of the many techniques (for instance SEO, or paid marketing or search engine marketing, etc.), while bypassing or neglecting other techniques, it should buzz an alarm to your ears. Make sure you choose an agency that has expertise across each individual channel involved in digital marketing.

About the Author

Taimoor Khan is a senior digital marketing professional with his core expertise focused on the multi-channel approach to digital marketing. He is currently associated with Starlinks – A reputed digital agency in Auckland and Wellington.


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